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Too Late Nights

by Sci-Fi

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Intro 01:43
(CHORUS) I'm a night cralwer Creepin' through the city streets Know you probably heard of me: The Science Fiction Afro Queen Verse 1: It's me, like Swizz Beats Witch Bitch, like Nokie Which bitch? Imma shape shift from a flower girl, to a punk queen. Gotta change the pace up Gotta getcha cake up. Quick run to the mall Hundred dollar make-up. Everybody in the show tonight We spittin bars in this bitch like its a fire fight. My QTPOC's bring the party, right? You cutie POC's bring the party, right?! (CHORUS) Verse 2: I gotta do what I gotta do Stick to my grind, and eat ramen noodles. Spent half the check on concert tickets Pop around the cities, all the different venues Roll to Luce's Boutta skip the menu. Gonna get a quick slice, gotta go see sights Roll down 35, skyline with the lights. I'm in love with this life, and these Too Late Nights. (CHORUS)
Sci-Fi: One day, I'll play the First Ave Main Room. Walls with the names of the folks Who done made you. Shout out to the man with the gold star. Hope you're chillin with a love in the red car. These third eye girls got me John Legend lifted to the Third eye world. Ask me to defend? I will. With a battle vest on, marching up that hill. Shout out to the fam at the mansion! I love you all, sorry that I couldn't make it. But see, I had to heal. I was with a bad guy, took me time to deal with it. Now I'm back again because I love my city, east till the end (east side!). And it's mine to defend; all the folks who just want a little time to pretend. Because in the end... What do we want more.. than to return to innocence? (Love, Ulysses) Black water I've been writing with. I'm defined by all the things you'd find me with. A pair of shoes that often talk for me bout my thoughts on fashion. The flyer shit is dilapidated past recognition. If my head be missin you could find it fixed in between a pair of titties or on a cloud dreaming bout em. Yo, I might be rich. (Fuckin rich!) If you look at all the things you find around me; A healthy family. Thrice I'm counting. Shit, it's probably more than that, man, thats three more than most people. I be doubting my importance with all of them, which is really pretentious, I feel like I'm forcing my heart on them Without even taking a second to understand theirs. Oh, what the harm I've done. I don't wanna be this (be this) I feel like the Bruh of Beavis (Beavis) I'm not above deletion. I live in a bubble with only the things that I know, and a cup full of remixed moments re-catered for keeping me sorry for self. Position my spin into deep bend.
Rolling through the city Slick whippin in a Dora. Parking in the duddle puck spot smokin' flora. I think you're so cool, muthafucka, I adore ya. Sorry I keep staring, I just think you're really gorgeous. Now my heads in the clouds. Do you think about me the way I think about us? I'm in a pocket world thinking about us. The streetlight on that night it caught us sealing in a fate to something that was beyond us we saw the lights and city escapes. The drunken parties up too late when we spilled our hearts. The Sandman's got me pleased. This dream I seek is love, and you, and, me.
The Storm is coming. The storm that is bright, and brash, and booming. The storm that knocks over houses. The storm I cannot stop.
Fear & Faith 02:21
I think I was born for this shit. The stage, and the lights,and the glitz. It's kinda hard to take it all in. So many years I've been dreaming bout it. Having my name float around town. Used to think about running away... Guess I'll stick around for now. New views of the old places. Got the same old friends with they new faces. Don't care about a thing but my soul changing for the sake of my city, and my own greatness. Best cardio cause I'm steady chasing the dream. Never really thought that I would make it out of the east, but now I see a future with great things for me. A great guy with sincerity in words they speak, a DJ who will never try to slow my roll, my best friends who will teach me to be vulnerable. Man, this life really is full of amazing shit. Can't believe I ever planned on missing it.
Ascension 02:54
I wanna be the reason that ya speakers knockin'. I'm really fuckin scared about this album droppin'. We can pray for the best, and then prepare for the worst. I'm not wishing for miracles I just want it to work. Not sick of being ill, I'm sick of being sick. Finally got a therapist, aint that about a bitch? Tryna put the work in just to make sure I amount to shit, and trying to be honest so that I don't hide behind a quip. Not a clip, take a breath, have another shot. It's one chance, get to shittin' or get off the pot. I been dreaming I've been seeking, I could talk a lot. I stay inside, be on my chill, and smokin'. bumpin' Bought to Rot. Or maybe it was Many Faces? Got the ideas flowin' ain't no special occasion. See, I won the right to think, and thats more than I could say for you. Bustin out for shows every other night like the paper due, and ridin' round the cities has got me feeling invincible. I got an old soul, and I don't mind it if I'm new to you. I just wanna be immortalized upon the Avenue. Cause who thought I'd be rapping? Just an emo kid with emotions that needed some channeling. Tried hard to write raps, now the shit got me travelling. "But is it the right path?" Is the shit that I'm questioning. We all say it's not a game but we act like we tryna win. (Hook) I went from Werido to Hero, we're one in the same. I got nothing to say to the people that shame me for doing my thing. Cause I'm just doing my thing.


1.) Intro
2.) Night Crawler
3.) Recognitions (ft. Love,Ulysses)
4.) Pocket Worlds
5.) The Storm (Interlude)
6.) Fear & Faith
7.) Ascension
8.) Weirdo to Hero
9.) Too Late Nights


released December 31, 2019

Mixing, Mastering, & Track Editing: Love, Ulysses.
Writing: Sci-Fi
Production: Sci-Fi


all rights reserved



Sci-Fi Saint Paul, Minnesota

Sci-Fi is an experimental hip-hop performer, and producer proudly hailing from the East Side of Saint Paul, Minnesota. She’s been making her name at events such as $I$, Bedtime Goose, For The Love, and the all trans and intersex festival, Gender Unbound. Currently in the process of piecing together her first project, Too Late Nights, she’s determined to show people what hip-hop could be. ... more

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